We Welcome Your Financial Support And
Involvement To Help Build A Successful
Division 1 Football Program

The Davis Joint Unified School District does not have the ability to pay for the football program beyond basics that include a few of the coaches stipends, umpires, a trainer and reconditioning of equipment. The program lacks basic necessities and equipment that will help our players better train and compete.

The Football Backers exists to provide much needed supplementary financial support. In the last year, Backer fundraising has paid for:

  • Pads
  • Game and practice jerseys and pants
  • Transportation for away games
  • Weight Room equipment
  • Stipends for Assistant Coaches
  • Registration fees for underprivileged players
  • Food for student athletes following zero period weight training and after games
  • Subscription to Hudl film sharing service

We need your support and involvement in order build a successful D1 football program We have created great ways for businesses and parents to donate, which will benefit everyone involved!

100% of your contribution goes towards running the program.

Davis High School Football